High-quality aerial system solutions for professional use

Launch-off successful – Already over 100 satisfied organizations

We have already helped over 100 organizations to find solutions for challenging drone and aerial photography needs and trained their drone operators. We have customized solutions for mapping, measurement, inspection, mining, forest industry and military & security.


1. Customized solution

Situations, circumstances and demands change. That is why our products are always manufactured and delivered after the operational training and according to our customer’s needs. Whatever your needs, only the sky’s the limit – Which is exactly our area of expertise.

2. Made in Finland for demanding use

All of our products are manufactured for demanding professional use and varying conditions. We design, test and manufacture our drones in Muurame Central Finland. As the manufacturing method, we deploy 3D printing and use materials such as titanium and carbon fibre. The drones manufactured by the Finnish experts rise to every occasion despite the challenges.

3. Excellent properties

All of our drones are efficient, durable and lightweight. Thanks to the titanium structure and carbon fibre frame our drones weigh only 500 grams. The ultra-lightness provides longer flight time, easier handling, reduced battery consumption and improved safety. Only one person is needed to operate the drone making it very cost-effective. Together these properties guarantee that operating the drone will be efficient, productive and safe.

4. Leasing

Lease funding is a form of funding where the product is leased for the long term. For businesses, the funding is beneficial especially for its convenience and predictability. A drone meant for professional use is a valuable investment for a business. With lease funding, the investment can be made with a smaller capital commitment. By leasing the drone for the long term the business gets to see whether the investment grows in value. Read more.

Digitization challenges organizations and companies to learn new things. Working habits and tools are developing fast. And because time is money, working should be comfortable, quick and simple.”

CEO of Nordic Drones, Pietari Sorri

A drone for all your needs

We manufacture the drone to be suitable for your use. Our drones have already been used, for example, for various technical inspections, land survey and planning, agriculture, ortho imaging and investigating environmental disasters as well as other accidents.

Our new drone solution brings new performance to the security needs.

The best performance and integration ability in its class

”In the forest industry efficiency is crucial. For us, the two key factors are flight time and operational reliability. The availability of repair services is vital for professional drone services. We currently have four GeoDrones in our use.”

Juuso Hiedanpää


Improve your working with Nordic Drones solutions

One person is enough for operating the drone, thanks to top-notch programme usability. Everything you need is packed in an aluminium case or a smaller rugged platic case that both fit well in a car.


Nordic Drones is Finland’s first and leading drone pilot trainer and manufacturer of drones designed for professional use.