Nordic Drones Oy is Finland’s first and leading drone pilot trainer and manufacturer of drones designed for professional use.

Our main area of expertise is solving the needs of our customers and helping to harness the advantages of drones. At the beginning of each project, we do a detailed survey of the specific demands and uses in order to offer first-rate service.

Not only have our Finnish drones flown locally, but also in the other Nordic countries, Europe and Asia. Our customers are innovative pioneers of their respective fields.

We offer drones designed and manufactured for their specific professional uses. Our drone pilot training and first-class features guarantee that our customers will be able to work efficiently and safely.



A few things in which we have succeeded:

  1. Over 100 satisfied organizations and customers
  2. Our drones are entirely manufactured in Finland and fly locally as well as abroad
  3. Our credit rating is the highest possible, AAA

Our values:

Customer’s success is our success

We serve our customers to the best of our ability and want them to succeed.

Everyone deserves the best

We manufacture high-quality products as every one of our customers deserves the best.

Long-term goals

We aim to grow and develop constantly. Our goal is no less than to be the forerunner of our industry, which is why we plan in the long-term.

Personal services

Our technology is top quality, but our services are always personal. We wish to be a reliable partner for cooperation. We make sure that every one of our customers feels respected and appreciated.

What is valuable must be preserved

We are actively working to provide services that respect social responsibility.

Nordic Drones story

“Hello?” that changed everything

“Juhani Mikkola speaking.”

Very few of us have gotten such a phone call. A phone call where the authorities ask for help from a civilian in the greatest evacuation operation in Finland since the times of war.

It was the 9th of July 2013. Due to a hazardous incident in the explosives factory in Vihtavuori the whole area had to be evacuated. The hazard zone was to be inspected without anyone entering the area and the drone enthusiast Mikkola was called for help. That was the first time when a drone was used for imaging such incidents.

Little did Mikkola know how that event would change his life. And not only his life, but also the whole drone industry in Finland.

From a garage in Muurame to the world

The next week Juhani Mikkola’s phone was ringing non-stop. As a result of the incident, people wanted to know where to buy such a drone.
The drone used by Mikkola was not in fact purchased from a store. It had been customized and tailored in his garage. Ever since Mikkola took his first aerial photograph using a drone in spring 2011 he had flown and developed drones for his own amusement. The passion swept him off his feet, and what started as a hobby slowly became a business.
Might as well start manufacturing drones for others.

Finland’s first and leading drone pilot trainer and manufacturer of drones designed for professional use.

That is how VideoDrone Finland Oy, the first manufacturer of drones designed for professional use in Finland, came to be. In December 2020, the company became Nordic Drones Oy.
As one might guess, the road from a garage in Muurame to the world is long. The business of Nordic Drones has evolved enormously, and the staff has grown along with it.
Today the company is the leading drone pilot trainer and manufacturer of drones designed for professional use. The drones manufactured entirely in Finland are customizable to fulfill the customer’s needs.

The spirit of Muurame at the core of high technology

Although our drones have flown in Nordic countries, Central Europe and Asia, the heart of the business remains in Muurame. Each drone is designed and manufactured entirely in Finland. At the heart of the company are the regular people that once fell in love with drones. A true passion makes sure that the company stays true to its roots.


“Our services are always personal. We don’t wish to be a faceless high technology company that is difficult to approach. When you visit us here in Muurame, we’ll have a cup of coffee and chat as people usually do. We produce high-quality technology, but we produce it for people.”

– CEO of Nordic Drones, Pietari Sorri