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Nordic Drones Oy has already helped over 100 organizations in Finland and abroad. Our drones have been used, for example, for land surveying and mapping, in the forest and mining industry, for urban planning and official tasks.

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Nordic Drones in Thailand

Nordic Drones drones fly in Thailand for various industrial inspection missions.

Here’s a video from our reseller Systronics Co.Ltd about the uses.

City of Jyväskylä - specialist in citys 3D modeling

Jyväskylä city is one of the pioneers of 3d city modeling and smart city expertise.

Dozens of large cities use Nordic Drones systems in surveying and smart city modeling.

How GeoDrone became an everyday tool for city surveying?


Geotrim Oy - long-term cooperating

Geotrim, a Nordic Drones reseller, supplied its customer with Yellow Scan’s new and ultra-light Mapper Lidar camera. Nordic Drones designed and manufactured a suitable rack for this. The Lidar camera was integrated into the GeoDrone6 model ready for use. The customer received the most efficient and accurate surveying drone on the market in its entire class as a fully finished package. Geotrim and Nordic Drones have a long-term cooperation.

– Sakari Mäenpää, Geotrim Oy

QuadSAT - drone for special needs

”Calibrating satellite antennas is a special field in the world. Our needs for the drone solutions required collaboration that took our special needs into account. Stability and long flight time are very important to us and Nordic Drones had the best solutions that fit our needs.”

– QuadSAT Andrian Buchi

QuadSAT corporate video

VRT Finland Oy - drone for precise work

We provide pioneering solutions for 3D surveys and utilisation of 3D data with multibeam sonar, laser and drone inspections.

-VRT Finland Oy

Security authority - drone for demanding professional use

“For security needs, the flight time requirement can be up to three days. Reliability and flexible solutions for special needs were the best solution for us. ”

-Security authority

Metsälinkki Oy - Efficiency is the key word

“Efficiency is the key factor in the measurement needs of the forest industry. Flight time and reliability are essential factors for us. The availability of maintenance services is important for professional drone service operations. We already have four GeoDrones. ”

-Metsälinkki, Juuso Hiedanpää

Why choose Nordic Drones? What is so special?

1.Training and support

2.Efficiency and productivity

3.Multipurpose use


5.Maintenance service


7.Satisfied customers