Wednesday 6.1.2021

Why lease instead of buying?

What is lease funding?

Lease funding is a form of funding where the product is leased for the long term. For businesses, the funding is beneficial especially for its convenience and predictability.

Why lease?

A drone meant for professional use is a valuable investment for a business. With lease funding, the investment can be made with a smaller capital commitment. By leasing the drone for the long term the business gets to see whether the investment grows in value. This allows the business to invest capital for other purposes.

Leasing has a positive effect on the characteristics of the business, as the funding doesn’t count as debt in the balance. This way the business can achieve a higher equity ratio in the financial statement when the characteristics are added together.

Yhteistyökumppanina GRENKE

As our partner in lease funding we have the funding company GRENKE. The experienced German company operates in over 30 countries.  In Finland, the company has operated since 2008.

In practice, when a product is leased it is the property of GRENKE for the duration of the contract period, during which GRENKE charges for the lease. When the contract period is ending the customer and Nordic Drones Oy make an agreement on the potential purchase of the property rights.

Leasingrahoituksen etuja

  • The budgeting and control of expenses is simple
  • Capital is released for other purposes reducing the balance
  • The opportunity to completely subtract leasing purchases from taxation
  • Saving money for other purposes
  • The company’s capital won’t suffer from great one-time purchases
  • Predictable expenditure thanks to fixed costs
  • More efficient budgeting
  • The leased product serves as collateral for the funding
  • Products have insurance available

Special insurance

Several companies want insurance for their valuable drones. Unfortunately, very few Finnish insurance companies offer insurance for drones. Instead, there are insurances available on several foreign websites. Our partner GRENKE, however, offers insurance for their leasing customers.