Genuine multispectral accuracy

Sequoia is a multispectral camera that captures both visible and invisible light. The camera records the calibrated wavelengths and offers accurate information on the health and vitality of the crops. A sunshine sensor plays a crucial part when recording, as it measures the intensity of sunlight in real-time and compensates the exposure accordingly. Sequoia produces four different spectral images and one normal RGB image simultaneously.

The copter’s battery supplies power to the camera, which ensures a continuous power feed during long flights.



Gimbal’s specs:

  • Powerful vibration damping
  • Weight: 260 g
  • Supply voltage: DC 6–25.2 V
  • RGB camera
  • 4 spectral channels
  • RGB camera resolution: 4608 × 3456
  • Spectral camera resolution: 1280 x 960
  • Sunshine sensor

Control functions:

  • Automatic camera trigger during ortho imaging flight
  • All adjustments and settings done via Wi-Fi