Our drones have the longest flight time on the market, up to 74 minutes. This is an outstanding property of our drones. The long flight time enables ortho imaging of an area up to 100 hectares during a single flight, the pixel size being 3 cm and side overlap being 70%.

Our drone systems can be equipped to suit different needs. You can choose between 24- and 42-megapixel cameras, as well as between a hyperspectral, multispectral and thermal camera, or a laser scanner.

With the orthomosaic generated by the drones, precise 3D point clouds and digital terrain models can be created with survey-grade accuracy.

Maintenance and repair services are available quickly and easily. In order to maintain the drones’ life cycle for as long as possible, we offer, for example, a possibility to upgrade older drone models to new hardware and update old software.

Watch video

Watch here our newest GeoDrone6 / VideoDrone6 model video

3D -printed titanium frame - more accurate data from the sky

The heart of our drone is made of 3d printing from titanium. This achieves a top lightweight structure and minimizes body vibrations. All aim for optimized air data collection.

GeoDrone6 / VideoDrone6


  • Max flight time:  74 min
  • Max wind resistance: 15 m/s
  • Camera resolution: 24-42 MP RGB
  • Ground sample distance (GSD): 2-3 cm/pixel (150 m)
  • Area coverage (single flight): up to 100 hectares
  • Operationally tested in Finnish Lapland
  • Military and security info from HERE

Nordic Drones flight time

In the picture are models GeoDrone6 / VideoDrone6 flight times with different payloads.

Test conditions:

  • Gusty winds 5-8 m/s
  • Temperature -7 degrees
  • Flyed in a cricle, diameter 200m, at the speed of 6 m/s

Technical Specs

  • Frame materials: carbon fiber and titanium
  • MTOW: 6.4 kg
  • Dry weight: 2 kg
  • Maksimum payload: 2,5 kg
  • Battery capacity: 22.2 V  16 Ah
  • Size: 58 × 58 x 37 (cm) without propellers
  • Integration of different sensors: yes
  • GNSS locator
  • Return home function
  • Extremely bright LED lights
  • Software for flight planning (Windows)
  • Accessory option: PPK
  • IP rating 43

A complete package for your needs

Our drones are always delivered as a complete package that includes everything you need to take off: the aircraft, camera/sensor, camera gimbal, remote controller, batteries, chargers, data link, flight planning software, toolkit, video link and monitor all packed inside an case that fits well in a car.

Ask more info about the drones and military & security products: Contact information

Warranty policy

Nordic Drones PRS - Fully integrated parachute system

  • 350 Grams
  • GEODRONE6 PRS – flight time up to 58 min
  • Integrated by the manufacturer – works independently as well as with the autopilot
  • Manufactured and tested in accordance with ASTM F3322-18
  • Patented smart metal trigger
  • Shade opening in up to 0.8 seconds
  • Stops the engines automatically
  • Also pilot launchable
  • The delivery includes the training and test documents required for licensing


Precise georeferencing enables the production of exact point cloud, orthophoto and DSM products with minimal preparation and speeds up the processing time of the collected images. Typically, sufficient accuracy can be achieved without the use of measured ground control points.

Post Processing Kinematic PPK is a highly accurate satellite positioning method. Using PPK reduces preparation time required on site, which increases the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of working. GeoDrone PPK enables the creation of precise end products of targets, which would be difficult or even impossible by traditional means.


Nordic Drones Ground Station Pro

Nordic Drones Ground Station Pro is including next possibilities:

  • Flight planning software for windows
  • The route of the automatically photographed area is created in advance fo example at the office
  • Upload to the vehicle just before the flight
  • The SD card stores the coordinates of the images, which are written to the image metadata
  • It’s possible to use your own map templates and elevation models
  • Terrain model tracking allows highly variable terrain to be imaged with the desired GSD
  • Fully automatic mission is possible