Operational training and support

Learn to control your drone and make use of its full potential.

Nordic Drones trains operators of all levels. We plan each training according to the customer’s starting level and the specific uses of the drone. The training is based on professional-level training contents.

During the one-day training our company’s Drone Pilot professional teaches everything there is to know about operating a drone – from theory to practical exercises. The training is held in our facilities in Muurame. After the training, we will assist you with anything puzzling.


One-day training in Muurame includes

  • Customized training based on the customer’s starting level and the specific use of the drone
  • Professional-level training contents
  • Introduction to the drone manual, camera settings, and various software
  • Example cases
  • Introduction to mapping and 3D modeling procedures
  • Review of the work process from imaging to reporting
  • Introduction to different measuring tools
  • Introduction to creating a flight plan and a practical exercise
  • A practice flight with a professional drone pilot